Terms of trade


There follows a brief explanation of the way in which we price a commission and the terms of trade.
This should act as a rough guide. Each commission will be different but we hope this will support your initial enquiries.
There are various relevant factors affecting the cost of a stained glass panel most obviously the size but equally influential is the quality of glass used. There is a wide variety of glass available from hand blown and rolled slabs to machine rolled sheets. Colours can also influence the cost and the need for paintwork, sand blasting and acid etching of a particular design can further influence the final price.

As an initial guide an estimate price of £750 per. square metre should be taken in to consideration however, as detailed above particular requests for certain glass and fired finishes will be reflected in the final cost.

Payment can be made over the course of the commission with a percentage preferable in the early stages in order to cover material costs. The remainder of the commissioned fee becomes payable upon completion and installation*.

*Please note that with the majority of large commissioned panels installation will be arranged in consultation with the client / architect. With smaller domestic panels we may be able to install for a small additional fee.

In projects involving an educational element, skills workshops, for example a series of design or glass workshops are budgeted separately from the stained glass commission.